Resolve DOB Fire Safety Violations

Local Law 16 of 1984: Fire Safety Requirements 

The fire safety requirements in Local Law 16 of 1984 requires building owners to notify the Department of Buildings regarding the compliance status of their building by completing a Report of Compliance with Local Law 16/84 Form. The requirements to comply vary depending on the occupancy. The owner must specifically indicate on this form what work has been completed or partially completed to comply with the law. 

Submit an original and a copy of the notarized form to the Local Law Enforcement Unit at 280 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10007.



Local Law 5 of 1973: Fire Safety for High Rise Office Buildings (Only)

These violations were issued by the New York City Fire Department and may require administrative dismissal by the Department of Buildings.  Requirements vary according to the height and type (central or non-central air conditioning) of the building. The owner is responsible for full compliance with Local Law 5 of 1973; see the PEO4 checklist for more information.

Submit a PER11 form to request an appointment with a Project Advocate to discuss the dismissal process.

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