Façade Fees & Penalties

Filing Fees

Unsafe conditions must be corrected within 90 days of filing a report with an Unsafe status. An amended report must then be filed within two weeks of completing the repairs.

Initial Report $425.00
Amended/Subsequent Report $425.00
Extension Request $305.00


Penalties apply after the filing period ends.

Late Filing (initial report) $1,000 per month
Failure to File (initial report) $5,000 per year
Failure to correct unsafe conditions See schedule in 1RCNY 103-04
Failure to correct SWARMP conditions $2,000

Civil Penalty Payments

Use the Façade Civil Penalties form to submit civil penalties owed for Cycle 5 or earlier. For Cycle 6 or later, pay civil penalties in DOB NOW: Safety. See the June 2021 Service Notice for more information.

Additional Information