Create an eFiling Account

Creating an eFiling account allows for the use and processing of the following:

•   New Buildings (NB)

•   Major Alterations (Alt1 and Alt2)

•   Demolitions

•   HUB Full-Service Filings: Standard Plan/Professional Certification of Objections (NB, Alt1,                Alt2, Alt3)

•   HUB Self-Service Filings: Professionally Certified Applications (NB, Alt1, Alt2, Alt3)

•   Express Cashier Payments for: Post Approval Amendments (PAA), records management                fees, Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) fees, benchmarking violations, filing fee                balances, and hazardous violations

You need an active email address to create an eFiling account. Use this form to register for an eFiling account. Please see the Registration Steps below. After submitting your information, you will receive a message to activate your account. 

NOTE: A secondary email address field allows you to provide an additional email address that can be used to log into DOB NOW: Build and Safety and to be assigned a role in DOB NOW filings. Only filings associated with the email address you log in with will appear on your DOB NOW dashboard.

Registration Steps

If you are a Property Owner, Building Manager, Owner Representative or other non-DOB Licensed Personnel, follow these three (3) easy steps to create your eFiling account:

1.   Go to eFiling Registration Form and fill out the account information.

2.   Select I do not have a license or DOB-issued ID#.

3.   Read the Agreement section and click Submit. You will receive two (2) emails. Your account           will not be active until you get the second email.
      a.   You must click the link sent in the first email to activate your account.
      b.   The second email confirms your enrollment.
      c.   You can then use your eFiling email and password to login to DOB NOW: Build,                             DOB NOW: Safety and the NYC Development HUB.

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