Sustainability Boards

Local Law 97 Advisory Board

An Advisory Board will provide advice and recommendations to the Commissioner and Mayor’s Office relating to effectively reducing GHG emissions from buildings as required by section 28-320.2. The results of the Advisory Board’s efforts will be documented in reports to the Mayor and the Speaker of the City Council, to be submitted no later than January 1, 2023.

The following members of the public have been appointed to this Board:



Jill Lerner Architects
Fiona Cousins Engineers
Tony Malkin Building Owner/Managers
Kyle Kimball Public Utilities
Jasmine Graham Environmental Justice Organization
Angela Pinsky Business Sector
Donna Chiu Residential Tenant Organization
Scott Frank Environmental Advocacy Organization
Stas Zakrzewski Architects
Howard Styles Stationary Engineers
Michael Yee Construction Trades
Candis Tall Green Energy Industry
Pete Sikora Residential Tenant Organization
Donna De Costanzo Environmental Advocacy Organization
David Pollock Not-for-Profit Organizations
Shravanthi Kanekal Environmental Justice Organization

NYC Representatives


Gina Bocra Chairperson – NYC Department of Buildings
Mark Chambers Mayor’s Designee
Jessica Albin City Council Speaker’s Designee

Innovation Review Board (IRB)

The Innovation Review Board (IRB) operates in accordance with Local Law 5 of 2010. The IRB meets on a regular basis to:
(i) review specific projects that propose to employ new technologies, design or construction techniques, materials or products;

(ii) review proposals for approval of and to initiate reviews of such of new technologies, design or construction techniques, materials or products in order to determine their environmental and sustainability benefits;

(iii) make recommendations as to under what conditions and for what purposes each may be appropriately employed in New York city, and

(iv) streamline approvals of specific innovative projects.

Proposals for Review of Sustainability Projects and Technology

The IRB will review proposals for projects incorporating new and innovative technology, design, and construction techniques.  Send proposals, including project/technology description and contact information, to

2017 IRB Membership

  • NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
  • NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)
  • NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC)
  • NYC Department of City Planning (DCP)
  • Mayor’s Office of Sustainability
  • Fire Department (FDNY)

Buildings Sustainability Board (BSB)

The Department of Building works to promote the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable technologies, all while promoting public safety. With this goal in mind the Buildings Sustainability Board (BSB), initiated through Executive Order #8/09, continues with its mission to provide technical expertise, advice and recommendations regarding sustainable technologies appropriate for New York City, but not fully addressed in the New York City Construction Codes.

Submitting Green Technology Proposals

Applicants seeking review of their technologies must submit their proposals to the Office of Technical Certification and Research.

New Membership Term for BSB

The Department is now accepting applications for the new BSB membership term. View the following for additional information and application instructions.

BSB Board Members

The board is composed of experts with a background in engineering, architecture, green development, or green design and technology.



Edward Clerico, PE, LEED AP  Natural Systems Utilities
Scott E. Frank, P.E.  Jaros Baum & Bolles
John Lee  Mayor's Office of Sustainability
Christopher O. McHugh, P.E.  AKF Group
Daniel H. Nall, P.E., FAIA, LEED AP  SH Group, Inc.
Anthony Pereira  altPOWER Inc.
Donald J. Winston, P.E. REBNY
Michael McNamara, P.E. EME Group Consulting Engineers
Michael J. Bosco, P.E.
 Jones Lang LaSalle
Alec Strongin, P.E., CEM, LEED AP Synergy Engineering
Hershel Weiss CIPE, MLP, LEED AP Ashokan, Incorporated
Michael Harrington Con Edison
Tamara Saakian FDNY

NYC Department of Buildings Members


Alan Price, P.E. Director, Office of Technical Certification and Research
Gina Bocra, R.A., LEED AP
Chief Sustainability Officer
Helen Gitelson Executive Director, Code Development
Wendy Wan, R.A. Code Development Architect, Technical Affairs

Technologies Reviewed by the Sustainability Boards

Wind Turbines – Wind turbine technology is recognized under the acceptance criteria published in Buildings Bulletin 2011-004.

Energy Storage Batteries – The IRB determined that lead acid and valve regulated lead acid battery technology used for energy storage is recognized in the 2008 NYC Construction Codes and may be used as prescribed in the Mechanical Code. Other energy storage systems technology will be reviewed by the IRB. Contact for more information.

Composting Toilets – The IRB will review the use of composting toilets on a site-specific basis. Please complete an OTCR2 Application Form to initiate the process.

Water Recycling – Water recycling technology is recognized under the acceptance criteria published in Buildings Bulletin 2010-027.

Solid Fuel Cooking Ovens – Cooking ovens using solid fuel must comply with the Mechanical Code and the DEP rules. Contact for application instructions.

Temporary Construction Lighting – IRB is currently studying the use of energy efficient temporary construction lighting.

Phase Change Material – Phase Change Material is recognized under the acceptance criteria published in Buildings Bulletin 2013-18.

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