Electrical Code Revision & Interpretation Committee (E.C.R.I.C.)

The Electrical Code Revision and Interpretation Committee (E.C.R.I.C.) is an advisory body that provides the Commissioner with recommendations regarding the formulation of local amendments to the NEC and provides interpretations and clarifications of the Electrical Code Technical Standards in response to requests from the electrical industry for clarification or interpretation of standards.

Mailing Address: Electrical Code Revision & Interpretation Committee

280 Broadway

New York, New York  10007

Phone Number: (212) 393-2030

Email Address: ecricquestions@buildings.nyc.gov

The Electrical Code Revision & Interpretation Committee

Chair: Mathher Abbassi, P.E., CEM, LEED AP BD+C

Vice Chair: Frank Coluccio

Members: Brian Cronin, P.E.; Cindy Y. Wong, P.E., CEM, LEED, AP;

James Tanis, P.E.; Jeff Sargent; John Cangemi; John Kenny;

Michael F. Leonick, P.E., LEED, AP; Jack Lyons; Mohamad A. Mohamad;

Philip Skalaski, P.E.;Richard Boll; Richard L. Miller, P.E.; Steven Capolino

To request an interpretation or clarification of a Technical Standard section, please submit an ED76 Request Form. The request form must be submitted two weeks before the E.C.R.I.C. meeting date in order to be considered for that meeting. Otherwise, the request may be calendared for the following meeting.

E.C.R.I.C. Meeting Schedule

The E.C.R.I.C. will meet Wednesdays at 9:00 am at 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room on the following dates in 2015:

  • February 4
  • April 1
  • June 3
  • August 5
  • October 7
  • December 2

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