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What is a Community Board?

There are 59 Community Boards citywide, 18 in Brooklyn. We are a local level of City government comprised of 50 volunteer Board Members who are appointed to two-year terms by the Borough President and the local City Councilmembers. The Board hires a District Manager and office staff to run the day-to-day operations of the Community Board.

If I have a problem on my block, whom do I report it to?

There are many options including directly contacting the appropriate agencies, elected officials, the City's 311 service and the Community Board. The Community Board can contact any agency on your behalf and can reach out directly to City contractors and social service agencies to answer your questions and resolve your complaints.

Do I have to be a Board Member to participate in meetings?

No, our meetings are open to the public and anyone can participate. However, under the rules, there are certain times during meetings when it is Board Member participation only, such as during voting.

How can I become a Board Member?

If you live, work or have a compelling interest within our boundaries, you can fill out an application (available through the Borough President's Office) and return it to the Borough President's Office. Contact the BP's office and your local Councilmember and let them know you are interested in joining.

What are the Board's boundaries?

The Board's boundaries are the waterfront on the west, the Long Island Railroad cut to the South (approximately 65th Street); Our boundary extends north on 8th Avenue from 62nd Street to Greenwood Cemetery. We include all of the cemetery and the land between it and Prospect Park to Caton Avenue on the east. Our northern border is on 15th Street from Park Circle to Hamilton Avenue and continues on Hamilton Avenue to the Gowanus Canal.

What does the Board do?

The Community Boards allow communities to have a say in local decisions. The Board meets once a month (except July and August) to determine the community's response to citywide issues or make choices on local issues. The public is welcome to attend and participate in these meetings, as well as committee meetings and Public Hearings, which are held to keep the public informed on major community issues and to allow the public a say in land use decisions in our community. The Board also works with local City agencies to direct them to local problem areas, produces and annual report on our neighborhoods' needs and votes to determine our priorities within the City Budget. Our Board also has taken on planning for the redevelopment of our waterfront throughout 197-A Committee and helps to coordinate and improve local services through our District Service Cabinet.

When does the Board meet?

Except on holidays and during the summer, the Board meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM. The meeting usually takes place at 4201 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, corner of 43rd Street.

When do the committees meet?

Committees meet as issues arise and do not necessarily meet every month. Committee meetings are listed on this website's calendar.

Where can I view a Brooklyn CB 7 map?

View our Community Board Maps and more data at the Department of City Planning’s website.