Request Speaking Time

Request Speaking Time

Except for some meetings such as District Service Cabinet meetings, all Community Board 11 (CB11) meetings and events are open to the public, which is in accordance with the New York State Open Meetings Law.

Input from the public is heard during the "Gallery Session" of each public meeting and is very much valued by board members. The only current registration requirements for public speakers are for Full Board meetings, for which speakers must register before the start of the meeting to receive an initial, two (2) minutes of uninterrupted speaking time. Full Board speakers may also respond to at most only four (4) questions or comments by board members—and only board members—without any time restrictions. Speakers will be called upon the order in which they register.

Registration means each speaker will provide CB11 with the name or names of the people speaking, the organization they represent (if any)...and what subject matter they plan on speaking about. All speakers must also agree to comply with the conduct statement below.

Elected officials at Full Board meetings receive an initial, five (5) minutes of uninterrupted speaking time, and they may respond to at most only four (4) questions or comments by board members—and only board members—without any time restrictions. Surrogates are afforded the same courtesy as their principal but are limited to two (2) minutes of initial speaking time.

Elected officials who don't directly represent Community Board 11's constituency must register at least thirty-six (36) hours in advance of Full Board meetings in order to speak.

To request any special accommodations, please contact CB11 at least 72 hours prior to any of its meetings or events.

Conduct Statement

Community Board 11 meetings and events should be held in a professional and hostile free environment.

The following guidelines are applicable to members of the public, Community Board 11, and Community Board 11 staff:

  • Any personal attacks against a board member, staff member, member of the public, or elected official or their representative at any particular meeting will result in the individual being asked to leave the meeting and could result in the meeting's closure.
  • Any inappropriate outburst during any meeting may result in the individual(s) being asked to leave. If outbursts or attacks continue, this may be considered disturbing the peace, and authorities may be summoned. If the meeting is held remotely, the person will be muted or expelled for the remainder.
  • All public speakers must address and face Community Board 11 members with their concerns.
  • Electioneering for a position other than an officer of the Community Board is prohibited.

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