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New York City Board of Correction Releases Updated Report on Felix Taveras’ Death in Custody

For Immediate Release: March 29, 2024

New York, NY – On March 29, 2024, the New York City Board of Correction (“BOC” or “Board”), the independent oversight Board for the City’s jail system, released an update of the First Report and Recommendations on 2023 Deaths in New York City Department of Correction Custody issued on November 9, 2023. The updated report includes newly received information about communications between Department of Correction (“DOC”) staff after Mr. Taveras requested medical assistance, Correctional Health Services (“CHS”) staff lack of involvement in the decision to escort Mr. Taveras to the clinic, and CHS’s staffing levels at the time.

Accordingly, the Board included this newly received information to its findings, rescinded three recommendations related to CHS’s response to Mr. Taveras request for medical assistance, and added a recommendation concerning prompt exchange of investigative materials.

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New York City Board of Correction Notice of Opportunity to Comment on Proposed 5-Year Accessibility Plan

What is being proposed and why?

Local Law 12 of 2023, codified as NYC Administrative Code § 23-1004, requires every agency to develop and implement a plan that includes the steps it is currently taking and will be taking over the next 5 years to ensure that the agency’s workplace, services, programs, and activities are accessible to and accommodating and inclusive of persons with disabilities. The accompanying plan is the Board of Correction’s proposed 5-year accessibility plan under Local Law 12. We encourage you to provide feedback that we will consider as we work to finalize the plan over the next several months. 

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New York City Board of Correction Releases Assessment on the Use of Chemical Agents in NYC Jails

For immediate release: February 21, 2024

New York, NY – The New York City Board of Correction (“BOC” or “Board”), the independent oversight Board for the City’s jail system, released a report today presenting findings and recommendations in connection with its systemic assessment of the Department of Correction’s use of chemical agents. The report identifies patterns of unnecessary and excessive force, during which chemical agents are routinely deployed against people in custody—disproportionally individuals with mental illness and emerging adults (aged 18-21)—who present passive resistance, argue with staff, or attempt to inflict self-harm with a ligature.

The Board’s report makes 14 recommendations concerning DOC practices. These include recommendations to ensure compliance with mandatory annual chemical agent trainings; prevent the assignment of chemical agent devices to uniformed staff with expired certifications; increase the use of body worn cameras in NYC jails; and increase the occurrence of required mental health interventions prior to the application of anticipated force by DOC uniformed staff. 

Specific policy violations and practice concerns uncovered in the report include the use of chemical agents from prohibited and unsafe distances; the use of chemical agents on people attempting to hang themselves; and the use of a powerful chemical agent designed for crowd control on lone individuals offering passive resistance. The report also tracks a significant increase in the Department’s use of chemical agents in recent years and provides information regarding the strength of the chemical agent most typically used by the Department.

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