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Information for Adoptive Parents/Kinship Guardians


  • ACS sends a recertification letter annually to adoptive parents and KinGAP guardians two months before their certification is scheduled to expire. You must inform us if you are no longer legally responsible for providing support for any child for whom you are receiving adoption subsidy payments in your household.

Important Note: If you did not receive your recertification letter, contact the Adoption/KinGAP Subsidy Information Line at (212) 676-2825.

The terms under which you receive an adoption are documented in a written agreement, and can only be changed under certain conditions. You can request to make certain changes to the adoption subsidy agreement, or update your case information at any time. Some changes require a review process supported by relevant documents.

For more information on the adoption process, go to OCFS.

For help with the following:

  • Adoption Subsidy Budget Letter/Income Verification Letters
  • Non-Receipt of Lost/Stolen Adoption Subsidy Check
    Call the ACS Adoption/KinGAP Subsidy Information Line at (212) 676-2825.

Please have the following information on hand when you call:

  • Case number
  • Case name
  • Case address
  • Child’s name


Adoption subsidy checks are mailed during the first week of each month and represent payment for the prior month.
If your check did not arrive by the 15th day of the month, contact the Adoption/KinGAP Subsidy Information Line at (212) 676-2825.
When contacting ACS, staff will provide you with information about obtaining, completing, and submitting the Statement of Non-Receipt of Subsidy Check Form, if necessary.

Changes in the Status of My Child

The adoption subsidy agreement will be suspended if there is a change in the status of your adopted child. You must to let us know if any of the following happens:

Changing Your Case Information

Requesting a Subsidy Increase

I need to increase my subsidy payments because:

You may be eligible for assistance or an increase in assistance if your child:

The Medical Evaluation

The medical evaluation should be specific about child need, describing behaviors, frequency and severity of the problems, intervention requirements, testing, results, diagnosis/diagnoses (and date of diagnosis), treatment recommendations and prognosis.
The doctor’s recommendation must be included on the evaluation and it must have the doctor’s signature and state license number.
The evaluation must either show one of the following:

  • That the condition was pre-existing and not known to the parent or diagnosed prior to finalization of the adoption, OR
  • That it was a known condition that has now worsened and requires a higher level of care.

The evaluation must have been completed no more than one year before making the request.

Moving Out of State?

New York State Medicaid Cards are not accepted in other states. If you plan to move to another state, find out about the Medicaid policy of your new state of residence.

If your child has turned 18 and the new state has stopped the Medicaid, but your adoption subsidy agreement states that it should continue to age 21, call the Adoption/KinGAP Subsidy Information Line at (212) 676-2825 and follow the prompts for out-of-state Medicaid to find out what your options are regarding New York State Medical Assistance.

We will also close your child’s New York Medicaid and submit the paperwork for the Medicaid to be opened in the new state of your residence.

You will need to provide copies of the child’s birth certificate, Social Security card or number and the Adoption Subsidy Agreement.

Sign-up for Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is available for your monthly adoption subsidy payments and can be directly deposited into your bank account. If you would like to:

  • Process a new direct deposit application
  • Change your banking information
  • Stop a direct deposit

Download the Direct Deposit Form