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Adoption Assistance

Assistance in the form of subsidies, medical coverage, and parenting support is available to parents of children adopted while in foster care. If you are caring for a relative child in foster care, you can become a permanent guardian, without going through the process of adoption through KinGAP.
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Medical Assistance

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Adoption Subsidies

An adoption subsidy is a monthly payment mandated by law to be made for the care, maintenance, and medical needs of a child who has been classified as handicapped or hard-to-place according to New York State law and regulations.


An Adoption Subsidy is:

  • Available to all eligible children until the age of 21 regardless of the adoptive parent’s income.
  • Discontinued only when it is determined by a social services official that the adoptive parent is no longer legally responsible for the support of the child or that the child is no longer receiving any support from the parent.


Adoption Subsidy rates:

  • Are based on the needs of the child.
  • Can be basic, special, or exceptional depending on an individual’s documented need.
  • May be affected by the age of the child, the address of the adoptive parent(s), or parent income and size of family.

Medical Assistance

  • Your adopted child may be eligible for the federal Medical Assistance Program (MAP) or for state-funded Medical Subsidy.
  • When your child reaches 18 (21 if handicapped), you will no longer receive Adoption Subsidy Medicaid payments. If medical assistance is still needed, the youth will automatically receive community Medicaid for up to 4 months. Before the expiration of the 4 months extension, MAP will send you a recertification package from.
  • Complete and return the recertification package so that a determination can be made on whether your child can continue receiving Medicaid coverage.


Adoptive parents can reach out directly to ACS for help at any time by contacting the ACS Adoption/KinGAP Subsidy Information Line at (212) 676-2825

All correspondence should be sent:

By mail:
NYC Administration for Children’s Services
Adoption Subsidy Mail Center
150 William Street, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10038

Or fax: (212) 676-9032

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Post Adoption Resources

Learn more about assistance available to adoptive/KinGAP parents.

Resources and supports are available to help you care for your child.

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