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Intensive Preventive Aftercare Services for Child Welfare

Within the ACS Division of Family Permanency Services (FPS), IPAS-CW-supports reunifications, transitioning youth, and encourages movement within the child welfare continuum.

Do you have a youth on your caseload that is slated to be trial discharged?

Contact the IPAS-CW Unit for additional support.

What Does IPAS-CW Do?

  • Provide Technical Assistance by:
    • Supporting efforts to link youth/family to the most conducive aftercare plan, including appropriate school setting
    • Providing referrals to Evidence-based Preventive Services
    • Conducting case specific consultation
    • Providing resources/linkages to internal supportive ACS units
    • Participating in family team conferences and case specific conferences
  • IPAS-CW, Residential and Preventive Provider Collaboration by:
    • Maintaining ongoing dialogue in support of eligibility, treatment goals, and to prevent interruption of treatment.
    • Providing clarity regarding the role and responsibility of each stakeholder
    • Collaborating with Family Service Unit/Division of Child Protection, when required.

Download the one-pager with IPAS-CW’s contact information.