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Faster, Simpler Procurement

HHS Accelerator
*HHS Accelerator System has launched!*

The HHS Accelerator System has launched to simplify and speed the NYC contract process for Client and Community Services providers.

Read the official press release here.

The new system is hosted by the City of New York as a service to Client and Community Service providers whose critical contributions keep New York City strong. Process changes and use of this new technology will reduce administrative burden and promote innovation in service delivery to New York City residents. For more information visit the official HHS Accelerator Website.

To learn about upcoming procurement opportunities, check out the Procurement Roadmap for release dates and details.

With the system live, you can now:

HHS Accelerator Overview (in PDF)

HHS Accelerator Data (Accelerator Data)

As part of its ongoing commitment to support the nonprofit sector, the City has also launched Accelerator Data in conjunction with HHS Accelerator. Accelerator Data is an initiative to help New York City’s nonprofit organizations more easily and effectively manage data and share information with stakeholders and funders.

Accelerator Data focuses on financial measures in order to enhance a nonprofits understanding of overall organizational health.

  • Financial Measures: using the following metrics Accelerator Data provides aggregate reports on providers:
    • Debt to Net Asset
    • Net Asset Balances
    • Major Expense Categories as a Percent of Total Expenses
    • Current Asset Composition

Request a customized financial report now to see how your organization compares to others.


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