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Service Application

All Client and Community Services administered by the City are now cataloged. You are now required to use this comprehensive listing of City-funded services to select those you are best positioned to deliver. Listed services are accompanied by definitions, are intentionally activity-based, and are not associated with any one program, population, or outcome. This setup should help you understand the basic capabilities the City is seeking prior to competing for contracts.

To access the catalog in the system go to the HHS Accelerator Application tab. You can either browse or search to find services relevant to your organization. After making your selections, you will either be asked to submit information about previous experience or your capability to expand and deliver new services. Subject Matter Experts from participating agencies may review applications from organizations wishing to expand to deliver new services. 

Agencies will use the catalog to describe programs in their Request for Proposals (RFPs). You may submit a proposal in response to a RFP if agencies select one or more services for which you are approved. If you become aware of a RFP that uses a service you have not yet added, if relevant, you may select additional services and submit required information.

Take a look at the Business Application (opens in a new window)
Client and Community Services Catalog Overview (in PDF)
View the Client and Community Services Catalog (in PDF)
Learn more about HHS Accelerator Applications (in PDF)
Learn which services will be used in upcoming Request for Proposals 

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