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Business Application

All Client and Community-based Services providers interested in competing for future contracts must complete the HHS Accelerator Business and Service Application before submitting proposals. Information and documents requested as a part of HHS Accelerator Applications were previously required each time organizations submitted proposals, even to the same City Agency. The HHS Accelerator process only requires application information to be refreshed on a three-year timeframe except for critical documents required for compliance with annual filing requirements. By participating in the new process, you are agreeing to keep documents updated so that they will be current and available for contract registration.

Learn about annual NYS Charities Bureau filing requirements
Essential guidance from the IRS on maintaining exempt status

From the Document Vault, you can navigate to the Applications tab and follow on-screen prompts to start an Application. The Business Application is comprised of four non-sequential sections (basics, filings, board, and policies) that can be completed simultaneously by different individuals. At least one Service Application is required to complete a Business Application. We strongly recommend that you carefully select and, as appropriate, add multiple Services to your first Business Application to expedite approval to compete in upcoming competitions.

Take a look at the Business Application (opens in a new window)
Learn more about HHS Accelerator Applications (in PDF)

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