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NYC Procurement Roadmap

Below is the list of procurements planned for release through the HHS Accelerator System.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To view the most up-to-date and detailed information, you must login to the HHS Accelerator System. RFPs will ONLY be released to prequalified providers through the HHS Accelerator System, where proposals must also be submitted.


Log In to the HHS Accelerator System to access more detailed information and RFPs.

Click the Procurement Titles below for descriptions and a list of required Service Applications.

Procurement Title Agency Anticipated RFP Release Date Anticipated Proposal Deadline Anticipated Contract Start
Universal Pre-Kindergarten Services (Open-Ended) DOE 04/02/2015 Open Ended TBD
Immigrant Opportunity Initiatives (IOI) Program HRA 04/21/2015 05/28/2015 10/01/2015
Vulnerable Youth Residential Services: Crisis Shelter and Transitional Independent Living (TIL) Services DYCD 04/24/2015 05/20/2015 07/01/2015
SONYC Pilot Programs DYCD 04/24/2015 06/09/2015 09/01/2015
School-Based Health Center-Wingate DOHMH 05/04/2015 06/15/2015 10/01/2015
Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) Services - Half Day DOE 05/01/2015 05/29/2015 07/01/2015
EarlyLearn NYC: New York City's Early Care and Education Services (Five Zip Codes) ACS 05/19/2015 06/09/2015 07/01/2015
Legal Services for Immigrants funded via Community Service Block Grant HRA 05/29/2015 06/26/2015 01/01/2016
Legal Services for Immigrant Youth via Community Service Grant HRA 05/29/2015 06/26/2015 01/01/2016
Legal Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Trafficking via Community Services Block Grant HRA 05/29/2015 06/26/2015 01/01/2016
Legal Services for Immigrants Workers funded via Community Services Block Grant HRA 05/29/2015 06/26/2015 01/01/2016
Financial Advocacy Services for Persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and their Families HRA 05/29/2015 06/26/2015 01/01/2016
Supervised Pre-trial Release Services MOCJ 06/10/2015 07/10/2015 10/01/2015
HASA Permanent Congregate Housing HRA 06/25/2015 07/23/2015 01/01/2016
Maximizing Access to Federal Disability Benefits Program HRA 06/18/2015 07/16/2015 10/01/2015
Case Management Program DFTA 06/01/2015 07/10/2015 07/01/2016
NeON: Neighborhood Opportunity Network Arts Program DOP 06/22/2015 07/23/2015 11/01/2015
Transportation Services Program DFTA 08/03/2015 09/30/2015 07/01/2016

To request a printed copy of any RFP on or after its release date in the HHS Accelerator System visit

Location: 4 Metrotech Center - 19th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Hours of Operation: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Note: Photo identification is required by building security.

NYC Procurement Map