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Eating right and maintaining a healthy weight are key to managing diabetes. Here are some quick tips to reduce calories, eat less fat and sugar, and help to control your serving size.

  • Use smaller bowls and plates to help control portion size
  • Have skim milk in your coffee and with your cereal
  • Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar
  • Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Eat fresh fruit instead of drinking juice or eating dried fruit
  • Substitute Canadian bacon for regular bacon
  • Use water-packed tuna instead of oil-packed
  • Drink club soda with lime instead of regular soda
  • Add dried beans like kidney, pinto or lentils to your diet
  • Bake, steam or broil, never fry food
  • Eat whole grain foods like brown rice or whole wheat spaghetti
  • Choose a salad over fries
  • Order thin crust pizza and ask for half as much cheese and more tomato sauce
  • Use light or fat-free salad dressing
  • Eat pork loin instead of pork chops
  • Eat more fish
  • Throw out the mayonnaise, use mustard instead
  • Say “no” to second servings
  • Have a cup of low-fat, sugar free yogurt for desert


Visit the HHC Diabetes Wellness Center to find the information, advice, resources and support you need to feel great and live the healthiest life possible!

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