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HHC Connectx recognizes the importance of partnering with our community-based providers to optimally manage our patients' healthcare. For that reason, HHC Connectx and HHC's Chronic Care Collaborative are pleased to offer resources and tools to community-based providers to optimally manage their patients’ chronic illnesses. The resources empower patients to proactively manage their healthcare in partnership with their healthcare providers.

By choosing to use our web-based referral application, HHCAdvantage, community-based providers will automatically get access to patient education materials, clinical guidelines, clinical tools, and disease self-management tools. These resources may be accessed on HHCAdvantage by clicking the "Patient Education and Clinical Tools" button on the HHCAdvantage homepage.

The materials offered on the HHC Connectx Community Provider Resources Website were carefully selected specifically for our community-based providers in conjunction with HHC clinicians. They are from a range of sources including NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, MetroPlus Health Plan, New York City Department of Health, federal agencies, and other renowned healthcare organizations.

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About Us
HHC Connectx informs community providers about the wide array of clinical specialties and diagnostic procedures available at our hospitals, enables access to these services through our on-line referral service application and facilitates their participation in educational and CME opportunities available at our facilities.
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