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HHC Advantage
HHCAdvantage: Referral Management for the Information Age
With the introduction of HHCAdvantage, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) has entered into a new era of patient care - by offering real-time access and support for physicians who treat patients in our community. As one of the many service benefits offered by HHC Connectx, HHC’s Community Provider Services Program, HHCAdvantage is an easy-to-use web-based application designed to link community-based physicians and HHC facilities. This application offers greater convenience for referring physicians and their office staff, greater efficiencies for hospital staff in processing larger referral volumes, and insightful management reporting that will help to identify areas for further process improvement.

Simple and Effective Referrals
  • Fast referral process for community-based providers
  • 24/7 online access to consult reports and diagnostic test results
  • Timely electronic consultation reports available through system
  • HIPAA-compliant vehicle for patient tracking and patient information transfers
  • Referral and practice guidelines, FAQ’s, patient education, helpful links, and online CME opportunities
  • Hospital prep notices

By enabling providers to sign on and track their patients throughout the referral process and receive follow-up on their patients’ hospital visits, HHCAdvantage enhances the level of customer service offered to community providers and their patients.


Learn from your Referrals
  • Referral history and patients no-show frequency
  • Patient’s referral history to assist determining care
  • History of consult reports for reference
  • Tracking of patient status referred to HHC facilities

The reporting capability of HHCAdvantage will support routine and accurate tracking of your patients from initial referral request to treatment at our facilities to results/consult reports being returned back to your office.   A referral management tool for you and your support staff. 


Patient Satisfaction
  • Patients sent through HHCAdvantage are reregistered, simplifying their visit
  • Patient’s referring physician is readily available facilitating communication with referrer and specialists
  • HHCAdvantage improves coordination and continuity of care

HHCAdvantage enhances the level of customer service that both you and our hospital will be able to offer your patient.  Your patients will feel connected and appreciate being served.


About Us
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About Us
HHC Connectx informs community providers about the wide array of clinical specialties and diagnostic procedures available at our hospitals, enables access to these services through our on-line referral service application and facilitates their participation in educational and CME opportunities available at our facilities.
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