CareerReady NYC

CareerReady NYC is a long-term policy framework developed in partnership between City government, employers, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations to support young New Yorkers with the educational foundation, work experiences, and essential skills needed to achieve career success and economic security. CareerReady NYC aligns the components of the "public talent pipeline"–K-12 public schools, publicly administered workforce programs, and the CUNY system—within a coordinated system of academics, work-based learning experiences, and comprehensive supports. Developed by a working group of City administrators, educators, employers, funders, and service providers, CareerReady NYC will furnish young New Yorkers with the skills, credentials, and experiences to thrive in the world of work, while ensuring a robust pipeline to fill the talent needs of local employers and fuel the city's economic growth.

In the full CareerReady NYC report you can read more about our strategy to engage and coordinate all of the City's youth workforce stakeholders to realize the career potential of young New Yorkers. Two highlights from the report include the Career Readiness Framework, which names key experiential and skill development milestones for young people in attaining career success; and the Employer Engagement Menu, which identifies activities for employers to engage young talent in ways that match their capacity and interests.