Management Response Team

Management Response Team

A team of three offices within the Mayor’s Offices is responsible for managing the successful implementation of the over 40 policies and programs in the Young Men’s Initiative. Together, these offices monitor, evaluate and report on the progress of every program and policy on a regular basis.

The Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity

The Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity) uses evidence and innovation to reduce poverty and increase equity. It advances research, data and design in the City’s program and policy development, service delivery, and budget decisions. Its work includes analyzing existing anti-poverty approaches, developing new interventions, facilitating the sharing of data across City agencies, and rigorously assessing the impact of key initiatives. NYC Opportunity manages a discrete fund and works collaboratively with City agencies to design, test and oversee new programs and digital products. It also produces research and analysis of poverty and social conditions, including its influential annual Poverty Measure, which provides a more accurate and comprehensive picture of poverty in New York City than the federal rate. Part of the Mayor’s Office of Operations, NYC Opportunity is active in supporting the de Blasio administration’s priority to make equity a core governing principle across all agencies. Several NYC Opportunity programs were expanded with funding from the Young Men’s Initiative. In addition, NYC Opportunity is overseeing the implementation and evaluation of the majority of programs within the Young Men’s Initiative.

The Mayor's office of Data Analytics

The Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA) is New York City’s civic intelligence center, allowing the City to aggregate and analyze data from across City agencies, to more effectively address crime, public safety, and quality of life issues.  Established by Executive Order 306, the office uses analytics tools to prioritize risk more strategically, deliver services more efficiently, enforce laws more effectively and increase transparency.

Center for Innovation Through Data Intelligence

The mission of the Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI) is to conduct interagency analysis to identify areas of service need in the City of New York. CIDI will collaborate with all Health and Human Service agencies as well as other City agencies to promote policy change that will lead to improved services to the citizens of the City of New York. CIDI embraces diversity and cultural sensitivity in its work as well as maintains the confidentiality of all data that is provided to CIDI to perform its research activities. CIDI staff has the courage to investigate new and innovative research methodologies to uncover issues and promote change.