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Design Competition

Design Competition

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What If New York City... competition entries

In 2008, NYC Emergency Management, in partnership with the Department of Design and Construction, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Architecture for Humanity, held a competition — the What If New York City... Design Competition for Post-Disaster Provisional Housing — challenging participants to propose innovative designs for temporary urban housing for use after a disaster.

To aid the competitors' understanding of the challenge, the sponsors illustrated the changing conditions of a hypothetical neighborhood, Prospect Shore, as it struggles through recovery after a catastrophic coastal storm hits New York City. The scenario unfolded on three parallel tracks: what happens at the scale of the city, what happens at the scale of the neighborhood, and what happens at the scale of a household.
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In January 2008, the What If New York City... design competition jury selected ten winners and ten honorable mentions from more than 100 submissions. The 10 winners received $10,000 each to enhance their designs.

The Jury

The jury of the competition, selected in 2007, was composed of individuals with backgrounds in emergency management, architecture, design, and city planning.
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