The City Charter mandates that each Community Board:

  1. Consider the needs of the Community District which it serves
  2. Cooperate with, consult, assist, and advise elected government officials about any matter that "relates to the welfare of the District and its residents."

Community Boards participate in:

  • Service Delivery
  • City Budget process
  • Land Use planning
  • Long-Range planning
  • Community Advocacy

The Community Board is the official municipal body whose primary mission is to advise elected officials and government agencies on matters affecting the social welfare of the district. We are your local non-partisan interface to the many offices and agencies of City government.

Land Use

The Community Board reviews applications that involve the acquisition, disposition and/or significant change of use of City-owned properties. The Community Board is the first stage at which land use matters are formally reviewed in accordance with the City's Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP).

In addition to matters pertaining to City property, the Community Board also reviews items related to private properties where property owners are seeking approval to use, develop or otherwise modify a property in a way that would not automatically be allowable under the property's zoning designation (variance and special permits). Other forms of land use reviews may involve properties in Landmark Districts or voluntary informational presentations by property owners.


The Community Boards are required to submit to the Mayor and City Council their Capital (projects) and Expense (programs and services) budget priorities for consideration in the formulation of the City's budget. CB 15 is constantly receiving input from the public on projects, programs and services that are needed within the district. While the Community Board submits budget priorities on behalf of the district for consideration, the final decision over which projects, programs and services get funded in the City's budget is made by the Mayor and the City Council, with input from the Borough Presidents.

Service Delivery

The day-to-day processing of citizen complaints and requests for municipal services are handled by the District Office under the supervision of the District Manager. The District Office is prepared to take complaints and requests for service from any constituent in the district. It is important to contact the District Office with complaints and requests for services so that the Community Board can monitor and work toward improving service delivery in the district. Calls such as these also provide the Community Board with important indicators of the levels of resources that might be most needed in the district, reflected by the types of calls received.

Other Community Concerns

Any problem which affects part or all of the community, from a traffic problem to deteriorating housing, is a proper concern of a Community Board.


The community Board, its District Manager, and its office staff serve as advocates and service coordinators for the community and its residents. They cannot order any City agency or official to perform any task, but Boards are usually successful in resolving the problems they address.