Community Board 1 in Staten Island is a body of individuals who understand the importance of community participation at a volunteer level. Our offices, located at 1 Edgewater Plaza, Room 217, are open to the public from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

If you visit us here you will find information on: sanitation schedules, transportation, voter registration, City budget, City health care initiatives, and much more.

Since Covid, our regular monthly meetings have been virtual.  We will update here when we resume to meeting in person and where.  They are held every second Tuesday of the month.


Nicholas Siclari, Chairman

  1. Joe Ahlstrom
  2. Anjail Ameen-Rice
  3. Larry Beslow
  4. Joseph Bird
  5. Telee Brown
  6. Celeste Bute-Holmes
  7. Christopher Campbell
  8. Sandy Carles
  9. Loretta Cauldwell
  10. Kathleen Coen
  11. Christopher Corbo
  12. Anthony Cosentino
  13. George Doyle
  14. Claudette Duff
  15. Linda Eskenas
  16. Samir Farag
  17. Timothy Forsyth
  18. John Guzzo
  1. Robert Holst
  2. Sunny Jain
  3. Lillian Lagazzo
  4. Ali Mir Masum
  5. John McBeth
  6. Radhakrishna Mohan
  7. Friday Ogbewele
  8. Ernest Paige
  9. Francine Reali
  10. Chris Rooney
  11. Anthony Scutari
  12. George Turner
  13. Kevin Washington
  14. James West
  15. Daniel Williams
  16. Steven Williams
  17. Camille Zarrelli
  18. Nicholas Zvegintzov