The Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency (SIRR) addressed how we rebuild New York City to be more resilient in the wake of Sandy with a long-term focus. One of the main tasks was to address how to rebuild local communities impacted by Sandy to make them more resilient.

SIRR's Community Rebuilding and Resiliency Team seeked to understand each impacted area's built environment, its buildings and man-made structures and spaces, in order to have a clear sense of its unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and priorities.

Five core areas

While Sandy profoundly impacted many areas across the city, identifying ways to rebuild those communities most severely damaged is a critical starting point. Therefore, SIRR focused on the five areas that saw the most significant lingering physical damage from Sandy:

  • Brooklyn/Queens Waterfront
  • East and South Shore Staten Island
  • South Queens
  • Southern Brooklyn
  • Southern Manhattan

If you would like to give us feedback about any of these areas – or community rebuilding in general – please contact us online.