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We work with the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP), the City's tech industry partnership, to offer no-cost training programs for jobs in the tech field. With TTP, we engage employers, educational institutions, training providers, and other partners in designing training programs that provide viable tech career opportunities for New Yorkers. Sign up to receive updates on upcoming opportunities.

Tech Training Programs

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CUNY Tech Prep

CUNY Tech Prep is a year-long, industry-informed program for advanced Computer Science majors from CUNY senior colleges delivered in partnership with the CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development. CUNY Tech Prep provides students with an opportunity to learn applied skills through an intensive 10-12-week JavaScript-based, full-stack web application development sprint, followed by a semester of additional project-based coursework. The program then supports connection to technical internships and software engineering and related jobs post-graduation targeting jobs that start at minimum of $60,000 annually. Learn more about CUNY Tech Prep.

Data Analyst Training Accelerator (DATA)

The Data Analyst Training Accelerator (DATA) is a full-time, no cost, 19-week, remote data analysis training program. Offered in partnership with Fullstack Academy, this program is designed to create an accessible pathway for New Yorkers interested in launching careers in marketing and data analytics with target salaries of $55,000 or more. The industry-informed training program includes a project-based curriculum that will provide participants with in-demand skills in advanced Excel, SQL, Python, AWS, and digital marketing-related analytics, as well as career advancement and interview skills.

Applications for this program are currently open. Learn more about the training, eligibility, and how to apply.

Future Code: Diversifying the Future of Web Development in NYC

Future Code: Diversifying the Future of Web Development in NYC is an immersive training program designed to prepare New Yorkers with no previous professional web development experience for careers in web development at salaries of $65,000 or more.

By providing no-cost web development training, career services, and connections to high-paying jobs, this program aims to increase the diversity of web developers in New York City to include populations that are underrepresented in tech, especially Black and Latinx New Yorkers.

The training program is curated and provided by Fullstack Academy.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 18 years old at the time of enrollment
  • Current resident of New York City
  • Limited or no prior experience with the basics of coding, no paid professional web development or similar experience, and do not have a Computer Science degree
  • Unemployed, or earn $50,000 or less if currently employed
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Meet federal selective service requirements
  • Fluent in English
  • Interested in gaining full-time employment as a web developer and are available to attend all sessions of the Fellowship

Special notes:

  • Black and Latinx New Yorkers are strongly encouraged to apply
  • An advanced degree is not necessary to succeed in this training. New Yorkers with a high school degree or equivalency, associate degree, or some college experience are encouraged to apply
  • All New Yorkers may apply
  • Eligibility does not guarantee acceptance; all interested candidates must complete and be selected via a competitive application process

Applications for this program are currently closed. Sign up here to be notified for future opportunities.

TTP Residency

TTP Residency is designed to provide on-the-job experience to upper-level Computer Science students, connect local employers to local talent, and deliver industry feedback to inform curricular content of partner CUNY Senior Colleges. TTP Residency, in partnership with Brooklyn College, the College of Staten Island, and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, connects qualified computer science majors with local businesses throughout NYC.

Applications for this program are currently closed. Please check back for more information.

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