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We work with the New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH), the City's healthcare industry partnership, and the Workforce1 Healthcare Career Center to offer no-cost training programs that prepare New Yorkers for jobs in the healthcare field. With NYACH, we engage employers, educational institutions, training providers, and other partners in designing training programs that provide the required skills and credentials for viable healthcare career opportunities.

Healthcare Training Programs

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Citywide Nurse Residency

The Citywide Nurse Residency program is being offered in partnership with the Greater New York Hospital Association, NYU Langone Health, and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to implement residency programs for staff at 28 participating hospitals and is the nation's first City-led nurse residency. The residency program will provide newly hired, first-time nurses with on-the-job training through a curriculum developed by Vizient/AACN that focuses on topics including ethics, decision making, clinical leadership, and the incorporation of research-based evidence into practice. The program also provides new nurses with support and mentorship proven to enhance nurse satisfaction, performance, and retention.

Learn more about the Citywide Nurse Residency program.

Medical Billing

The Medical Billing training program is delivered in partnership with LaGuardia Community College, Weill Cornell Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System, and the Harvard Business School Club of New York. The program prepares participants to work in the billing and revenue cycle departments of medical organizations to help them receive reimbursement for their services. Medical billers in New York City can earn about $40,000 annually.

Applications for this program are currently open. Learn more about the Medical Billing training program and apply.

NCLEX-RN Preparation for Foreign-Trained Nurses

The NCLEX-RN Preparation for Foreign-Trained Nurses training program is delivered in partnership with the New York City Welcome Back Center at LaGuardia Community College and Lehman College. The program prepares individuals who worked as nurses in their home countries to pass the NYS Registered Nurse licensing exam, the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Participants in this program will gain the English language and nursing skills they need to pass the exam and gain employment as Registered Nurses with hospitals and other employers. Registered Nurses in New York City make an average of $75,000 annually.

Applications for the part-time LaGuardia Community College NCLEX-RN Preparation for Foreign-Trained Nurses training program are currently closed. Please check back for more information.

Applications for the full-time Lehman College NCLEX-RN Preparation for Foreign-Trained Nurses training program are currently open. Learn more and apply.

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