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Female kitchen staffer with the copy Start Your Career as a Restaurant Cook: First Course NYC Apprenticeship Program

We work with the NYC Food and Beverage Industry Partnership, the City's food service industry partnership, to offer no-cost training programs for jobs in the food services and hospitality field. We engage employers, educational institutions, training providers, and other partners to design training programs that provide viable food services and hospitality career opportunities for New Yorkers.

First Course NYC

First Course NYC is not a cooking class - this program is for eligible New Yorkers who are passionate about starting their career in a restaurant kitchen, and are willing and able to commit to full-time training and employment. Eight weeks of intensive fundamentals training will prepare you to be hired as a paid, full-time employee in a restaurant kitchen where you will work, earn, and continue to learn. The program team and restaurant supervisors will offer the support and guidance you need to help overcome challenges to success.

Students who prove to their employer they are a dedicated, dependable employee will advance to become a permanent employee in a starting cook position best suited to their skill level. Success is up to you!

Program Features

  • Eight weeks of free, hands-on pre-employment training led by experienced restaurant chefs
  • Earn the NYC Food Protection Certificate
  • Continue to learn as a paid, full-time employee in a respected NYC restaurant
  • Opportunity to work and learn in NYC's best restaurants

Minimum Requirements

  • Committed to starting a career as a restaurant cook
  • Aged 18 or older
  • New York City resident
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Registered for Selective Service (if applicable)
  • Make no more than $50,000 annually
  • Restaurants participating in this program require that all apprentices receive the COVID-19 vaccination

This program is currently recruiting qualified candidates. You must attend an information session to start the application process.

Restaurant Owners

Learn more about program benefits for your business and let us know you're interested in partnering with us here.

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