Message from the District Manager, Debra Markell Kleinert

As the District Manager of CB 2, I am privileged to work alongside our Chairperson, dedicated staff, committed Board Members, elected officials and a reliable team of District Service Cabinet representatives.  We all work together diligently to insure that city services are provided to our community.  We work together to protect the quality of life for all residents of our district and that it remains at its highest caliber.

As defined by the official Charter of the City of New York. Community Boards have a vital role in dealing with important land use items and zoning matters, maintaining the city budget, providing municipal service delivery and responding to all quality of life issues.

We are here to process complaints, requests and inquiries made by residents.  We publish a monthly newsletter and inform constituents on all agency licensing matters, and we review street activity permits regularly.

I welcome residents and business owners to contact the CB 2 Office for assistance on any issues and we will work together with our partners in government for a resolution together.

Know Your Community Board