"We can spread peace instead of gun violence if we believe in one another."

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When my family moved to the Bronx on Pelham Parkway, my mom always made me stay inside. I didn’t understand why until I got older. One day a young mother was outside holding her baby in her arms and someone shot her in the head. Then I got it. It’s ridiculous when you’re not even safe while holding your infant child. I believe people need support in order to develop confidence. So many in our community feel they’re not going to amount to anything, so they slip into a life of violence. But with support from people like us in the PLC, they can begin to believe in themselves. Everyone is somebody worthy of help. I had people who helped me believe in myself, and now I’m getting ready to finish earning a degree at NYU. I want to be an active member of my community who can help – who can say this violence is not acceptable, and together we can do something about it. We can spread peace instead of gun violence if we can grow a movement of people who show they believe in one another.