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You Did It!

WorkWell NYC’s STEPtember challenge had over 5,000 City employees stepping and moving to their groove!

The stats are impressive! 266 teams competed, representing 64 City agencies. Together, STEPtember participants took over 1.1 billion steps and averaged 11,219 steps per day.



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Watch this video to view our virtual step journey through NYC



Top Steppers for 2021

For the first time in STEPtember history…there was a 30-way tie for first place on the individual leaderboard! The competition was fierce and all the steppers showed up. Congratulations to the top teams and individuals! See the list of the STEPtember 2021 top winners here.


STEPtember Top 20 TeamsView the top 20 Teams:


STEPtember Top 20 Teams

DSS/HRA/DHS-11 (LiVe Free, WaLK HaRD) 1st Place Team
OCME-01 (Walking Dead) 2nd Place Team
DOE-34 (DIIT) 3rd Place Team
ACS-15 (GRASSHOPPERS) 4th Place Team
FISA/OPA-01 5th Place Team
DOC-01 6th Place Team
DCAS-02 (Jimmy’s Walkers) 7th Place Team
DOT-01 8th Place Team
CITY HALL-01 (VARSITY TEAM) 9th Place Team
ACS-17 (CC Steppers) 10th Place Team
PARKS-07 11th Place Team
H+H HARLEM-02 (Baby's First Steps) 12th Place Team
HPD-06 (The Rona Racers) 13th Place Team
DOE-24 14th Place Team
DOE-15 (Kill-O-Meters) 15th Place Team
DSS/HRA/DHS-13 16th Place Team
PARKS-06 (Entertainment720) 17th Place Team
H+H WOODHULL-01 18th Place Team
H+H HARLEM-04 19th Place Team
H+H HARLEM-06 20th Place Team


Top 30 IndividualsView the top 30 Individuals:


STEPtember Top 30 Individuals


  1. AT10Steps
  2. BevJ
  3. brenlee
  4. connie-walker
  5. Construct_Ed1
  6. Dangre
  7. dianza007
  9. gcdst8324
  10. GordNYC
  11. hra_arya
  12. HRA_Sunhawk
  13. HRATuxedocat
  14. Iyman
  15. JoERatone
  16. jzapata
  17. Luisvelez
  18. MB1222
  19. NY1163
  20. O-kookoo1
  21. PaulaDEPBWS
  22. sandra1521
  23. Stargirl
  24. Teddy-ERI
  25. TrekKing
  26. TrinBago
  27. vish01
  28. Wonbobo
  29. Yakov
  30. ywang