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Intimate Partner Violence Media Guide

This guide is an online resource to help reporters, journalists, copywriters, headline writers, editors, and others in the media industry more effectively cover intimate partner violence. Specifically, this guide aims to assist with the following:

  • Understanding the dynamics of intimate partner violence as a societal problem and public health epidemic in New York City, nationally, and globally rather than as an isolated incident.
  • Dispelling common myths about intimate partner violence.
  • Sharing the most up-to-date statistics about intimate partner violence.
  • Identifying and connecting with expert sources.
  • Providing a list of local and national resources for people experiencing intimate partner violence.
  • Describing what a person can do if someone they know is experiencing intimate partner violence.
  • Using survivor-affirming and non-gendered language.

Navigate through the guide and learn about best practices using the links on the left-hand side.
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