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Dear Colleagues,

We are heartbroken and deeply angered by the horrific acts of violence, and the overall spike of violence, against Asian-Americans in New York City and across the nation. That xenophobia has recently culminated in numerous, unprovoked acts of violence against Asian Americans, including murder. From the hypersexualization of Chinese women that passed the Page Act of 1875, to the seizure of assets and internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, systemic anti-Asian racism persists to the present-day where anti-Asian American hate incidents and crimes have increased since the beginning of COVID-19.

In our own work in gender-based violence, we have witnessed the layers of oppression that Americans face—those of race, sex, immigration status, documentation, and more. Racism and sexism work in tandem against survivors, and results in multiple barriers for survivors—including whether law enforcement takes their reports seriously, whether it is possible to get a living wage job, or even go to the supermarket without fear of harassment. Racism and misogyny increase one's vulnerability to harassment and assault, including sexual violence, and perpetuates gender-based violence. We must continue our work to make our communities safe for everyone.

We stand with our AAPI colleagues and communities as we process and grieve.

We will continue to offer crisis response resources to survivors and their families, including mental health, immigration legal services, interpretation or translation services, victim advocacy, case management, childcare, and food assistance. Let us, too, continue to shine the light of awareness. Let us find comfort, healing, and unity together during this time.


Cecile Noel
Mayor's Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence
100 Gold Street
2nd floor
New York, NY 10038
212-788-3242 | cnoel@cityhall.nyc.gov


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