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Interview Requests

The NYPD generates an enormous amount of news, driven by the Department's high volume of incidents, initiatives, investigations, demonstrations, parades, and events and by the sheer scale of New York City and its police department, both of which are the largest in the nation. Police-related news is highly sought by print and electronic media, both local and from around the globe. The Department receives a large number of inquiries for information and requests for interviews with personnel ranging from the Police Commissioner to the police officer walking the beat.

All inquiries and requests for interviews must be made through DCPI, the Department's press office, where each request is thoroughly reviewed.

Deputy Commissioner, Public Information
One Police Plaza - Room 1320
New York, N.Y. 10038
Attn: DCPI

Phone: 646-610-6700

Fax: 646-610-8795 or 646-610-5856