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NYPD Fraternal Organizations

The NYPD celebrates its diversity through various fraternal organizations that emphasize pride in the many walks of life that make this department— and this city—great. Joining a fraternal organization provides members of the service access to a slew of career-based and educational opportunities, as well as the opportunity to ramp up their social lives with ceremonies, dinners, and dances.

List of Fraternal Organizations

Advancement Civilian Employees Society (ACES)
American Legion NYC Police Post #460
Asian Jade Society
Bangladeshi American Police Association
Columbia Association
Desi Society
Emerald Society
Gay Officers Action League (GOAL)
Guardians Association
Guyanese American Law-Enforcement Association
Haitian American Law Enforcement Fraternal Organization
Hispanic Society
Holy Name Society, Brooklyn & Queens
Holy Name Society, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island
Honor Legion
Illyrian Society
International Police Association, Region 2
Korean American Officers Association
Middle Eastern & Turkic Society
Muslim Officers Society
New York City Police Anchor Club
NY Dominican Officers Organization
Pakistani American Law Enforcement Society
Police Officers for Christ
Police Self Support Group
Police Square Club
Policewoman's Endowment Association
Pulaski Association
Regina Coeli Society
Russian American Officers Association
St. George Association
St. Paul Society
Shomrim Society
Sikh Officers Association
Steuben Association
Traffic Squad Benevolent Association
Vikings Association