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Deputy Commissioner of Operations

Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry

Kaz Daughtry

Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry serves as the Deputy Commissioner of Operations. His major functions include the following: monitoring ongoing critical situations, such as officer-involved shootings, major demonstrations, news-worthy incidents and acting as the NYPD City Hall Liaison for the Mayor of the City of New York. Deputy Commissioner Daughtry is also credited with spearheading technological innovations within the NYPD, such as the expansion of the Drone Program in all five boroughs.

Deputy Commissioner Daughtry has always had an affinity towards policing. His desire to serve his community sparked him to join the NYPD Explorer Program and the NYPD Cadet Corps. Deputy Commissioner Daughtry started his career as a Police Officer on January 9, 2006. Upon graduation from the Police Academy, he was assigned to the 73rd Precinct, which serves the Brooklyn community of Brownsville and Ocean Hill. During his field training, Deputy Commissioner Daughtry took initiative and motivated his peers to follow his lead. Deputy Commissioner Daughtry effected over 50 arrests during his first six months of field training. He continued to lead the command in enforcement activity for the following two years. As a member of the Conditions Unit within the command, he executed numerous search warrants, resulting in approximately 40 gun arrests.

While assigned to the 75th Precinct, Deputy Commissioner Daughtry developed and maintained relationships with local community leaders such as clergy members, community council members and elected officials, earning the respect of the East New York community and becoming a trusted ally. In 2015, he was promoted to Detective Specialist. His continued dedication and hard work earned him a promotion to Detective 2nd Grade in May of 2020. In June of that same year, Deputy Commissioner Daughtry was brought to the Community Affairs Bureau, where he helped create the “Rapid Response Team.” As the team leader of this new unit, Deputy Commissioner Daughtry responded directly to all critical events citywide, providing resources to those in need.

Deputy Commissioner Daughtry helped to create and lead the “Community Response Team” in Patrol Services Bureau, an elite team of police officers throughout the city who address quality of life concerns voiced by the community. His dedication to improving the quality of life within New York City earned him a promotion to Detective 1st grade on December 23, 2022. For his significant contributions as a leader and trailblazer in our Department, and for advancing the missions of the New York City Police Department, Detective 1st Grade Kaz Daughtry was promoted to Assistant Commissioner on July 17, 2023. As Assistant Commissioner, Kaz Daughtry was responsible for serving as the NYPD’s City Hall Liaison and as Chief of Staff to the Chief of Department.

Demonstrating unparalleled tenacity and unwavering resolve as Assistant Commissioner, Daughtry was promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Operations in February of 2024. In his new role, Deputy Commissioner Daughtry partners with New York City Emergency Management, and other City, State, and Federal agencies to coordinate plans and preparations for large scale events and catastrophic events. He also presides over the Department and Inter-agency tabletop and practical exercises to evaluate response to terror attacks, active shooter incidents and natural disasters. Deputy Commissioner Daughtry oversees the NYPD Security Operations Center. This Operations Center tracks and manages all incidents within NYC in which the police respond 24/7. He serves as a member of the Intelligence Bureau's daily briefing team. Deputy Commissioner Daughtry continues his integral roles as the NYPD’s City Hall Liaison and Chief of Staff to the Chief of Department. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts from Excelsior University. Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry’s true partner in life is his wife Danielle, and together they have two beautiful children, Maven and Landon.