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Public Notice


To Provide Water Service Line Protection for Residential Properties in New York City

The New York City Water Board (the “Board”) is a public benefit corporation whose primary duty is to establish and collect water and wastewater rates and charges in an amount sufficient to place the water and wastewater systems (the “System”) of the City of New York (the “City”) on a self-sustaining basis.  The System is operated and maintained by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”).

The City’s water distribution system has 835,000 accounts, of which 760,000 are residential accounts that connect to the System through private water service lines, whose maintenance and repair is the responsibility of the property owner.  Approximately 80% of the water infrastructure leaks that DEP responded to in 2010 involved private service lines.  Because service line leaks are unpredictable, repairs tend to be expensive, and individual property owners may not be prepared to respond quickly or with full knowledge of what is required to remedy the situation, the Board and DEP are evaluating options for offering a service line protection plan to the City’s residential water customers, who would pay a small monthly premium in exchange for guaranteed repair of a service line break. 

All qualified companies and firms are invited to respond to this Request for Expressions of Interest (“RFEI”).  As noted in the RFEI, respondents are requested to include information on their qualifications to provide a protection offering, suggest best practices of existing service offerings, and make suggestions regarding a potential program offering for City property owners that would be tailored to the unique characteristics of City service lines. 

The RFEI may be obtained from the following link:

The deadline to respond to the RFEI is 1:00 PM (EDT), April 22, 2011.