Nonprofit Resiliency Committee

Nonprofit Resiliency Committee

Nonprofits Matter

Each year, the City of New York awards billions of dollars to nonprofit organizations to deliver critical programs and services to over 3 million New Yorkers across the City.  In Fiscal Year 2021, human services procurement was 40% of the City’s total procurement portfolio, constituting $12 Billion.


Nonprofits Funded

Nonprofits Have a Voice

The Nonprofit Resiliency Committee (NRC), formed in 2016, gives the health and human service nonprofit community a direct voice for the first time in influencing the City of New York’s business practices, policies, and technology solutions, from the RFP development process to contract registration and financial policies. The NRC, comprised of more than 100 nonprofit organizations and coalitions, has galvanized City leadership across 40 mayoral agencies, Mayor’s Office of Contract Services, Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Education to design and implement meaningful and systemic solutions. Based on NRC recommendations, the City has adopted business policies that have resulted in nonprofits receiving more money, earlier, and with greater spending flexibility.


First big city to standardize costs
More than $790M per year in nonprofit investments