IMD Registration

IMD Registration

All owners, lessees of whole buildings, and agents or other persons having control of the IMD premises must register the building annually. The annual period begins July 1 and ends June 30 of each year. The registration fee is $500 per residential IMD unit in the building.

Registration of an IMD building is due each July 1st and consists of the payment of the applicable fee (and any outstanding fines), together with the filing of a completed registration application. No other applications filed by a landlord of an IMD building will be processed by the Loft Board unless the registration is current on the date the non-registration application is filed.

Registration will not be issued to or renewed for an owner of a building against whom the Loft Board has imposed a fine for a violation of the Loft Board's rules, unless and until such fine has been paid. Registration as an IMD will not be issued to or renewed for an owner of a building unless and until all prior unpaid registration fees have been paid.

For questions related to the registration of IMD buildings, contact the Loft Board at 212-393-2616.

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