Owners or other responsible parties (lessees of whole buildings and agents or other people or entities) having control of Interim Multiple Dwellings (IMD) are required to register their buildings, the IMD units and the protected occupants with the Loft Board. The annual registration period begins July 1st and ends June 30th of each year. Therefore, Owners or other responsible parties must renew their registrations on or before June 30th of each year the building is covered by the Loft Law. The registration requirement remains in effect until the Loft Board removes the building from its jurisdiction.

The Loft Board will only register a building or renew a building's registration if the registration is current. The Loft Board will not process any other applications filed by the Owner or responsible party if the registration is not current. The Loft Board may charge late fees and bring an enforcement action against Owners who fail to timely renew.

In addition to paying the registration fees, the Owner or responsible party must complete and file the Registration Renewal Application. Loft Board rules require Owners or responsible parties to notify the Loft Board of changes to the emergency contact number, managing agent information, Owner's address or ownership within five (5) days of the change. Failure to notify the Loft Board of changes is a violation of the Loft Board Rules and may subject the Owner or responsible party to civil penalties.

See 29 RCNY § 2-06 and 2-11(b) for more information on registration requirements and fees.

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