Litigation Support

The Litigation Support Division oversees various technologies focused on the practice of law at the Law Department, advises on a diversity of techno-legal topics, and assists high-volume clients in responding to discovery. As such, a wide variety of people work in Litigation Support: lawyers; application and database administrators and other experts; project and contract managers; and paralegals, claim specialists, and public records aides. They are basically broken out into two teams.

One team provides assistance to particularly high volume clients of the Law Department with responding to discovery demands. This agency-based discovery team primarily works on-site at the client agencies to streamline the discovery response process by creating repeatable, defensible and efficient workflows.

The second, a practice management team, oversees the agency's matter management system. Using this, the Law Department exchanges data with sixteen client agencies and outside firms, as well as varied internal systems. This team also creates and runs reports – close to 3,000 annually – analyzing the Law Department's matters, and it oversees the Law Department's document management system.