The Appeals Division handles appeals originating from virtually all of the Law Department’s litigating divisions and crafts amicus curiae briefs in cases implicating the City’s interests. The division’s attorneys appear before federal and state appellate courts and file hundreds of appellate briefs each year in an array of cases—from routine litigation arising out of the governance of a municipality with 8.5 million residents to complex appeals involving cutting-edge legal questions and critical public policy issues. The unparalleled breadth and depth of division’s docket affords its attorneys a unique perspective on how the City works and an unrivaled opportunity to engage in high-caliber appellate practice and contribute to legal developments impacting the City’s government and its residents.

What New Attorneys Do

Attorneys in the Appeals Division generally do not specialize in any one area, and instead handle cases in a variety of subject areas involving a range of the City’s agencies. Attorneys are responsible for charting an overarching appellate strategy, researching and drafting the appellate brief, and appearing before a panel of judges for oral argument, while working collaboratively with client agencies, trial attorneys, supervisors, and support professionals to provide the strongest advocacy on the City’s behalf.

What Summer Interns Do

Summer interns in the Appeals Division take the lead in researching and drafting one to two appellate briefs under the supervision of an experienced attorney. Interns may also contribute to more complex and challenging appeals by working on discrete research and drafting projects. Depending on court calendars, interns are often able to observe oral arguments before the Second Circuit or the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court.

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