Language Access Plan

Language Access Plan

Local Law 30 was signed in July 2008, creating a centralized language access policy for New York City. Local Law 30 mandates that all City agencies that provide direct public services create a language access implementation plan in order to ensure meaningful language access to their services.

Below is the Law Department's Language Access Plan and Interpretation Services Available Poster:

NYC Law Department Language Access Plan (in PDF)

Free Interpretation Services Available Poster (in PDF)

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Translation Services at the Law Department’s Public-facing Offices

When visiting the Law Department or another City agency, show an “I Speak card”  to a staff member and they will arrange an interpreter for you. Language services are free at all New York City offices.

Language Access Complaints

Complaints, questions or inquiries about the Law Department’s language access services may be directed to the agency’s Language Access Coordinators (LACs):

Karlyne Fequiere, Chief Diversity, M/WBE & Equal Employment Opportunity Officer

Celina K. Fletcher-Serrant, Diversity Training Liaison and Assistant EEO Officer

100 Church Street, 6th  Floor, New York, NY 10007

Send an email to our LAC at :

Language access inquires and complaints may also be submitted by contacting  NYC311