Facility Maintenance and Repair Division

Facility Maintenance and Repair Division

The Facility Maintenance and Repair Division combines non uniform, uniform and inmate manpower to address all aspects of its diverse mission. Specific Division responsibilities include:  

BUILDING MAINTENANCE: Non-facility /facility maintenance in the Department inclusive of all projects.

UTILITIES: Maintenance and repair of the domestic water mains, fire mains, electrical distribution systems, storm drains, sanitary sewer systems, and steam delivery systems.

POWERHOUSE: Operation and maintenance of Rikers Island Steam Tunnels and Power house,  which provides all of the steam cooking, heating and production of hot water and much of the electricity used on Rikers Island.

COGENERATION PLANT: The plant was built to reduce the need for off –site power.

SECURITY DEVICES: Unit comprised of officers who inspect and service department manometers, B.O.S.S chairs, x-ray machines, building /intrusion alarms, and special security device equipment.

VENTILATION TASK FORCE: Court ordered to facilitate heat /ventilation court orders

HARTS ISLAND: Operation and maintenance of the City Cemetery on Hart Island. This operation includes the burial of an average of 1800 bodies annually of the City’s unclaimed or indigent dead and the disinterment of an annual average of 300 bodies, which are claimed at a later date.

FMRD CAPTAINS: Responsibilities encompass the daily supervision of all Correction Officers and associated inmate details as well as the coordination and management of FMRD projects. Captains are on 24-hour call via departmental blackberry and respond to infrastructure and / or utility emergencies by calling in and deploying staff as required to address any given situation.