Welcome Remarks

Thank you for visiting the new OMB Investor Relations website.

We hope that you find the new format and additional information useful. Content that OMB plans to update on a regular basis for investors’ review include:

  • Rating agency reports for the most recent GO, TFA and NYW transactions
  • News and press releases
  • Historical issuance statistics
  • Retail order period statistics
  • List of winning bidders for competitive sales

Additionally, we will periodically include web links and content extracted from OMB publications, for example, the Financial Plans and/or the Quarterly Report on Current Economic Conditions, which investors have in the past found useful.

This website supplements and does not replace the various bond issuer websites already available through nyc.gov. It does add content not previously available on nyc.gov for City General Obligation bonds.

As always, prospective investors for bonds should carefully review the Official Statements. Offers to purchase New York City bonds can only be made through a registered broker-dealer and through an Official Statement.

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