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The New Yorkness of the UN

The New Yorkness of the UN

View of the United Nations Headquarters. Flags from different nations floating on flag polls. Tall building representing the UN Secretariat.

Since 1952, The City of New York has been the proud host of the United Nations headquarters. In addition to the United Nations, the City hosts the Permanent Missions and Observers to the UN, including the diplomatic officials and staff connected to them. The presence of the UN and Missions/Observers is a testament to NYC being a global center. These entities also contribute significantly to the City's status as a cultural, political, and economic hub.

The New Yorkness of the UN is an initiative that seeks to create new opportunities for learning between New Yorkers and the United Nations. It is also an effort to fully integrate the UN community into the fabric of our City.

Below are highlights of The New Yorkness of the UN initiative:

NYC Junior Ambassadors (NYCJA)

NYC Junior Ambassadors is initiative focused on empowering 7th graders across the five boroughs of New York City to become actively engaged with the United Nations and its mission of addressing the most pressing challenges in the world. The program targets New York City youth at a critical time in their personal and intellectual growth and seeks to help them understand the real connections between themselves, their City, and the world. The program has reached more than 3,500 youth and educators since 2015.  Through NYCJA, we are Creating Global Diplomats, Locally.

UN Economic Impact Report 2016

The Mayor's Office for International Affairs, in partnership with the NYC Economic Development Corporation, released the UN Impact Report 2016 that analyzes data from 2014 to quantify the economic impact of the United Nations and the UN Community on the City of New York. This wide-ranging analysis also provides clear insight to the costs incurred by the City to host the United Nations community. While the UN plays a critical role in addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges—and has value beyond that which can be quantified through an economic impact analysis—this Impact Report is an important reminder of the tangible benefits, including cultural and educational benefits, that the UN brings to New York City. Most importantly, this report reaffirms why our great and diverse metropolis is the natural home for this global institution.

We are the City of United Nations

The NYC Mayor's Office for International Affairs launched the digital campaign "We are the City of United Nations" in 2016 to celebrate New York City's history, shared values and unique relationship with the United Nations. The campaign highlighted facets of the NYC and UN relationship, and the shared goals and visions between the UN and NYC. It also featured the reflections of New Yorkers on what the UN in NYC means to them.

IDNYC pop-up registration site at the UN

The Mayor's Office for International Affairs was proud to partner with the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, Mayor's Office of Operations, and Human Resources Administration to host a pop-up registration site for New York City's municipal ID program, IDNYC, on the UN campus in 2015. Over the course of two weeks, more than 1,700 individuals, including the UN Secretary-General and delegates from more than 50 countries became "official" New Yorkers.

Behind the Scenes Tour of the United Nations

In honor of the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations, Commissioner Abeywardena provided a behind-the-scenes tour of the United Nations on PBS' Metrofocus.