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What is New York City doing to help people whose homes were damaged by Sandy?

The NYC Build It Back Program assists homeowners, landlords, and tenants affected by Hurricane Sandy within all five boroughs of New York City. The Program consists of multiple pathways, including: repair, repair with elevation, or rebuilding of damaged homes; reimbursement for repair work already carried out; and acquisition of damaged homes.

Can I still register for Build it Back?

No. Build It Back registration closed on October 31, 2013.

What happens after I register?

After registration, you should begin to gather documents that you will need for your application. A list of suggested documents can be found here. You will be called to schedule an in-person appointment at a Build It Back Center with a Housing Recovery Specialist.

How do I confirm, reschedule, or cancel or my appointment with a Housing Recovery Specialist?

If you need to make a change to your appointment, please call Build It Back Customer Service at 212-615-8329. If you need to leave a message, you will receive a call back within two business days.

If I live in New York City, should I also apply to the New York State Rising Housing Recovery Program?

The NY Rising Housing Recovery Program is the assistance program for residents of New York State who reside outside of the five boroughs of New York City and whose affected homes are outside of the five boroughs of New York City. Because the registration for NY Rising is only intended for residents outside of NYC, you should have applied to NYC Build It Back separately.

I own multiple tenant-occupied homes, but I only registered one address with Build It Back. What should I do?

When you schedule your initial meeting, notify your scheduler or Housing Recovery Specialist that you own other properties because you may be able to complete applications for all of them at the same time rather than go through multiple appointments.

Who is required to be listed as a co-applicant?

All owners of a property must be present for the initial intake meeting at a Build It Back Center with a Housing Recovery Specialist (unless Power of Attorney is granted to another person) and sign the required forms and provide the required documentation.

If I am not an owner of the property, but I am married to an owner of the property and I have lived at the property for many years, can I be a co-applicant?

Only an owner or a co-owner of a property may be an applicant. In cases where an owner wishes to have another individual represent them in the application process, the owner must grant that individual power of attorney. You can use this Power of Attorney form or a Housing Recovery Specialist can provide you with one.

Is every co-applicant required to provide income information?

Income information is only required from individuals who are members of the household living in the home. For example, consider a mother and daughter who own a home together, but only the mother lives in the home. While the Program requires both the mother and daughter to be co-applicants, the Program requires income information only from the mother (and anyone else who lives in the home), but not the daughter.

Where are the Build It Back Centers located?

The locations of the Build It Back Centers are listed below. If you're not sure where your meeting is, we recommend you call Customer Service at 212-615-8329 to confirm your meeting location and time. Please note that you may visit a Build It Back location without an appointment in order to deliver missing documents or for any questions following your Options Review Meeting.

  • Brooklyn
    • Brooklyn Construction Services Center
      1380 Rockaway Parkway 
      Brooklyn NY 11236
  • Staten Island
    • Staten Island Construction Services Center
      600-602 Midland Avenue
      Staten Island NY 10306
  • Queens
    • Queens Construction Services Centers
      158-29 Cross Bay Blvd
      Howard Beach NY 11414
      The Build it Back Construction Service Centers will be open six days a week to serve homeowners.
      Monday - 9am-5pm
      Tuesday - 9am-5pm
      Wednesday - 9am-5pm
      Thursdays - 9am-8pm
      Friday - 9am-5pm
      Saturday - 10am-2pm 
  • Brooklyn
    • Coney Island
      1906 Mermaid Avenue, 2nd Floor
      Brooklyn, NY 11224
      Wednesdays by appointment
    • Council Member Treyger’s Office, Brighton Beach
      445 Neptune Avenue, Room 2C
      Brooklyn, NY 11224
      Monday, 5PM-8PM
  • Queens
    • Breezy Point
      17 West Market Street
      Queens, NY 11697
      Thursday, 2PM-7PM
    • 10-01 Beach 20th Street
      Far Rockaway, NY 11691
      Tuesday, 9AM-5PM; 5PM-7PM (by appointment only)
      Wednesday-Thursday, 9AM-5PM

If I have a Build It Back question not answered here, what should I do?

For any question about NYC Build It Back, please call Customer Service at 212-615-8329 or email them at

How do I find out more information about business assistance?

The NYC Economic Development Corporation and NYC Small Business Services handle business disaster relief. Learn more about business disaster relief.

I withdrew from Build It Back. Am I allowed to reactivate my application?

If you have received notice that you have been withdrawn from the Program and believe this was an error, you may submit a Request for Review, along with supporting documentation. You will receive a formal notification of the outcome of your request within 30 days of your submission. Download a Request for Review form.