Elevation Certificate

Build It Back offers elevation certificates only for homes that have been elevated or rebuilt by Program.

What is an Elevation Certificate and why do I need one?

An Elevation Certificate (EC) is a document that identifies the elevation of your home in relation to the Flood Zone and the Base Flood Elevation established by FEMA. Completed by a licensed surveyor or engineer, this information is important to help determine your home’s flood risk and is then used by flood insurers to determine the appropriate flood insurance rating.

What should I do with my Elevation Certificate?

The EC should be provided to your Flood Insurance provider within 90 days of the inspection date listed on the Elevation Certificate. Build It Back encourages all applicants to schedule a meeting with our Flood Insurance Counselors to review your EC and discuss what steps need to be taken next with your Flood Insurance provider to ensure you receive the lowest flood insurance rates available for your home. We’ve also put together this guide to provide assistance to homeowners when updating their elevation certificates.

Please call or visit your local Build It Back Center to schedule an appointment with a Flood Insurance Counselor. Find the Build It Back Center nearest you.