Food Forward NYC: A 10-Year Food Policy Plan

Food Forward NYC is the City’s first ever 10-year food policy plan, laying out an comprehensive policy framework to reach a more equitable, sustainable, and healthy food system by 2031.

Food Forward NYC emphasizes the importance of equity and choice - enabling a food system where everyone should be able to access the food they want wherever they may want it. To enable this choice, we need to support both our food workers and our food businesses. To strengthen the sustainability and resiliency of our food system, we need to rethink our food infrastructure and deepen our connections with the region.

Food Forward NYC is organized around five overarching goals:

  1. All New Yorkers have multiple ways to access healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food.
  2. New York City’s food economy drives economic opportunity and provides good jobs.
  3. The supply chains that feed New York City are modern, efficient, and resilient.
  4. New York City’s food is produced, distributed, and disposed of sustainably.
  5. Support the systems and knowledge to implement the 10-year food policy plan.

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Food Forward NYC: 2-Year Progress Report

The Food Forward NYC: 2-Year Progress Report highlights the tremendous progress that the City has made since Food Forward NYC was released in February 2021. With the immense support and encouragement of Mayor Eric Adams and the partnership of City agencies, community-based organizations, academics, philanthropy, and other organizations in the private sector, in just two years, we’ve increased access to nutritious food for all New Yorkers and expanded food choices. For the first time, the City has acknowledged the connection between the food system and our climate by implementing plant-powered initiatives. Food businesses that have struggled throughout the pandemic are reaching out, and we’re listening to them.  

This report helps us highlight these achievements and celebrate them. The accomplishments featured in this report are a testament to how crucial it is to collaborate to transform our food system into one that promotes equity, health, sustainability, and business innovation.

Read the Food Forward NYC: 2-Year Progress Report