Food Education 

image of student holding kale

In 2023, we launched a Food Education Roadmap in support of our work with the Food Standards and our mission to promote a culture of healthy eating. We envision a future in which all New York City students develop a culture of healthy eating, wellness, and lifelong habits through access to healthy food, food education, experiential learning, and community involvement. A comprehensive approach to food education teaches students about the food system itself--the production, processing, distribution, retail, consumption, and post-consumption of food--and how each component interacts with the environment, economy, community, and more. Students in turn learn to make food decisions that build a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient New York City. 

The organizations below are able to offer free food education in schools. Click on each logo to learn more. If you are a free food education provider and do not see your logo below, please fill out this form to be included. 

The organizations on this AirTable are able to provide food education as well, with a fee for programming. 

logo for brighter bites
logo for Catskill Animal Sanctuary
logo for Common Threads
Logo for Coalition for Healthy School Food
Logo for City Growers
Logo for East New York Farms
logo for Educated Choices Program
logo for Food Bank for New York City
logo for Green Beetz
logo for Green Bronx Machine
logo for Grow NYC
logo for Teach Heart
logo for Hip Hop for Public Health
logo for New Roots Institute
logo for Snacc Program
logo for Spoons Across America
logo for Northwell
logo for the Battery Conservancy
logo for the Gaton Foundation
logo for the Sylvia Center