Guidelines for Reporting Tax Evasion and Property Tax Fraud

The following information is helpful in an investigation of any complaint of tax evasion or fraud complaint investigation:

  • What tax violation(s) do you suspect: Business Income Tax , Cigarette Tax, Personal Income Tax, Property Tax, or Sales Tax?
  • Is the suspect involved in any other criminal activities?
Identifying Information

Please supply as many of these items as you can when you report tax evasion and fraud. If you do not have this information, you should still report the complaint. We will investigate.

  • Personal Information
    • Full name of suspect(s)
    • Suspect's home address and phone number
    • Suspect's marital status, names of spouse
    • Suspect's bank's name, address, account number(s)

  • Employment Information
    • If suspect is an employee, who is the employer? Name of suspect's supervisor?
    • If suspect owns a business, what is the name and address of the business?
    • Suspect's business phone number
    • How long has suspect been in this business / job?
    • Suspect's Social Security number or federal identification number
    • Suspect's profession or job title

  • Vehicle Ownership
    • License plate number(s)
    • Make / model year, color of vehicle(s) owned
    • Location(s) where vehicles is kept overnight

  • Cigarette Tax Violations
    • Brand(s) of cigarettes involved
    • Tax stamp on packs of cigarettes (NY, NJ, Other state or no stamp)
    • Address and other identifying information regarding the violation
    • Location where cigarettes are stored (under counter, behind the door, in a warehouse, or other location)
    • Does suspect have a current cigarette license? Retail? Wholesale?